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A subsidiary of the International Progressive Breeders' Alliance founded 1996
Section 1:  The word "dog" regardless of age or gender, as used in these rules governing registration shall be understood as referring to any dog arising from a domestic or non-domestic canine ancestor. 
Section 2: The word "breed" shall be defined as a subpopulation of dogs which differ from other dogs with respect to certain physical characteristics which all members of the defined subpopulation share in common.  These characteristics are described in the written "standard" for the breed. 
Section 3:  The "breeder" of a dog is the registered owner or lessee of the dam of said dog at the time of conception. 
Section 4:  A "breed group" shall be defined as two or more breeds which share similar physical characteristics but differ from one another on the basis of one or more characteristics.  Each recognized breed association has the authority to determine breed the cat(s) to be utilized in the breed group for their respective breed.
Section 5:  Allowable outcrosses will include the predominant ancestor breed or species (domestic or non-domestic) from which the breed had developed.
Section 6:  The words "the association' and the initials "IPDBA" as used in these rules shall be understood as referring to the International Progressive Dog Breeders' Alliance.
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