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A subsidiary of the International Progressive Breeders' Alliance founded 1996
Section 1:  Domestic canines of unknown ancestry that are used in the development of a breed shall be permitted for registration purposes within the Foundation Registry only.  Non-domestic canines , pure species or non-domestic x non-domestic hybrids are considered non-domestic and are to be registered in IPDBA's affiliate for non-domestic canines, the International Progressive Exotic Breeders' Alliance (IPEBA), Canine Division. 
Section 2:  Progeny of crosses between domestic and non-domestic canines shall be accepted for General Registration as a domestic dog. 
Section 3:  The names of dogs may not be changed in any manner after they have been registered, except: 
a.  The correction of clerical errors in the recorder's office
b.  The addition of a kennel name as provided in Article VI, sections 7, 8, 9, and 10. 
c.  A name change may be requested provided the Executive Office receives the request for name change within 60 days from the date of issue of the initial Registration Certificate and the request is accompanied by the original Registration Certificate and the designated fee, which fee shall be determined by the Board of Advisors.  The name change will be approved only if there has been no previous transactions recorded for the dog by the Executive Office (i.e.,show wins, lease agreement or any transaction processed in the original name of the dog).
Section 4:  Names of dogs and kennels may not be duplicated or of a derogatory nature.
Section 5:  Second and third choice of names my be given on the registration form.  Otherwise it may be necessary to return the application if the name chosen is not acceptable. 
Section 6:   A dog's name including kennel names may not exceed 35 letters, characters and spaces combined. 
Section 7:  Dogs name may not be duplicated but might be named after an ancestor with the addition of II, III to the name and with written permission of the owner and Kennel name owner of the ancestor; a letter attesting to such permission is to be filed with the registrar. 
Section 8:  Application for Registration. 
a.  Each applicant for registration must be made on or a copy of the official form of the association.
 b.  Each application for registration must be signed by the breeder or written permission of the breeder must accompany the application for registration of a IPDBA  registered kennel name is to be used as a prefix, or accompanied by a photocopy of a registration certificate for the dog from another association with equally high registration requirements as proof of signature of the breeder.
 c.  Each application for registration must be signed by the registered owner of the sire or be accompanied by a letter from the owner of a properly signed and dated certificate of breeding, unless the dog to be registered has been previously litter registered in this association or the application is accompanied by a photocopy of a registration certificate for the dog from another association with equally high registration requirements as proof of signature of the owner of the sire.
Section 9:  If either the sire or dam is registered in the stud book of the association, the ancestors of such sire and/or dam need not be provided; otherwise a full five generation pedigree of ancestors of the dog being registered must be shown.  Registration numbers from other associations must be shown for all ancestors not registered with IPDBA.  The only exception is for dogs being foundation registered for a breed.
Section 10:  Dogs erroneously listed on the application for registration as to sex, color, or otherwise must be re-registered at the owner's expense and the former registration certificate must be returned to the registrar's office for cancellation. 
Section 11:  A certificate will be issued by the association evidencing the registration of the dog.  Such certificate shall show the name and registration number of the dog, date of birth, sex, breeders names, color, owners' names, date issued, breed, and (optional) microchip and/or tattoo number .  A separate five generation pedigree will be issued including the dog's name, registration numbers, and a color picture of dog. 
Section 12:  Each dog shall be assigned a unique registration number and a breed, gender, and color description, as well as a registration status code. 
a.  The Stud Book Tradition abbreviation "SBT" and the Breed abbreviation will be prefixed to the registration numbers.
b.  The unique registration number consists of the dog's birthday (six digits) followed by a sequence number (three or more digits) to ensure uniqueness among dogs with identical birth dates.
 c.  The registration status code of the dog will follow the sequence number.
Section 13:  The registered ownership of a dog may be transferred to another owner upon filing with the registrar a written assignment of ownership, surrender of the certificate of registration, and payment of the transfer fee. 
Section 14:  Record of lease on dog registered in the association should be filed with the registrar. 
Section 15.  A certified five generation pedigree copy, of any dog registered in the stud book, ancestry record or hybridization record, and to the extent the pedigree is shown therein, will be furnished by the registrar upon a request signed by or consented to by the registered owner of the dog and accompanied by the required fees. 
Section 16.  Breed Associations may require special registration requirements for their breed, such as  physical or performance certification or DNA testing, in these cases additional fees may be required.
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